Designing a Home Spa Bathroom

During these unprecedented times, the tranquillity of a spa day sounds greater than ever. Unfortunately, their closure is just one of the many restrictions that the pandemic has placed on our daily lives. Creating a luxurious spa bathroom at home is the ultimate answer.

With the UK bathroom market growing at a rate of 12% over a four-year period, now is the perfect time to create a spa bathroom at home. While the definition of an at home spa bathroom will mean different things to different people, the fundamental features focus on replicating the spa-like sense of luxury to leave you with a truly wonderful place to relax and recharge the batteries at the end of another long day.

So, what sets a home spa bathroom apart from a standard bathroom? In truth, it’s an overall aesthetic and atmosphere rather than a single feature. Nonetheless, the ability to optimise the space and implement a combination of luxury goods, timeless styles, and comforting fixtures – oh, and the right combination of scents and accessories won’t hurt either.

Even when the lockdown rules are relaxed, it’ll be a long time before you truly feel comfortable returning to the commercial setting, but the home spa bathroom will become your sanctuary for the long haul. The best spa home bathroom ideas won’t only add value to your home life but will additionally provide a timeless appeal while boosting the property value. Frankly, an at home spa is the ultimate home upgrade for 2021 and beyond.

Whether looking for answers on how to design a bathroom remodel when renovating your property or how to build a home spa bathroom when designing your dream home, the following guide is just for you.


Features of a home spa bathroom

The key to bringing your at home spa to life lies with choosing the right features. The home spa bathroom renovation offers the opportunity to make your room stand out from the crowd by customising the space to incorporate the luxury fixtures and furnishings that you feel best reflect your personal tastes as well as the atmosphere that you’d expect from a spa. 

For the very best at home spa transformation, you should aim to marry the wow factor of a hotel suite with the personality and reassurance of a home bathroom. So, what items do you need for a home spa bathroom? The following checklist should serve you well.



An effective use of textures is undoubtedly one of the standout features that set a home spa bathroom apart from the standard bathroom layout you’ve fallen out of love within recent months Luxury bathrooms can incorporate a range of natural materials and man-made materials to create the desired looks.

Real wood and stone materials, such as luxury marble or granite, can deliver a unique look as the veining of marble, for example, is different every time. The striking appearances and durability make them a key feature in hotels and spas. Those attributes make them ideal for your luxury renovation. 

Textured effects can additionally be created by live plants, including the potential of live plant walls, which have become a popular trend in recent times. Man-made materials can include porcelain, brushed bronze tiles, and chrome to deliver an unmistakable sense of luxury.


Luxurious towels, washcloths, and carpets

Home spa bathroom accessories are another essential feature that can take the bathroom from bland to grand. Luxurious towels and washcloths should be made from premium materials as you’d find in a spa. Good examples include Turkish and Egyptian cotton, which are both fluffy and durable. Of course, you’ll want to match the colour schemes to build a consistent atmosphere with the textures and fixtures.

Carpets are not commonly seen in the luxury at home spa bathroom remodelling transformations, but some homeowners may still use them. Rugs are a far more common option, but you must avoid fluffy and moulting items or those that will react to the moisture in the air.

For the ultimate sense of spa luxury, you could look at personalised towels that carry your name or initials. They can be matched to towelling robes to create that classic comfort as you step outside of the shower.



The clue really is in the title of this one; you cannot build the perfect home bathroom without choosing the right bathtub. Regardless of where you position it (remember that the internal plumbing may dictate your choices), the bathtub will take centre stage in regards to the aesthetic. So, when looking for spa home bathroom ideas, this fixture should be a priority. 

Luxury products like the Elter Freestanding Bath draw attention through the use of curved lips rather than the straight edge. Moreover, the clean white colour can be used to create a fresh spa-like atmosphere or used to contrast the colour schemes created by tiles, living plants, and other home spa features.



The value of a comfortable toilet should not be ignored for a second. While you want it to provide the functional aspects and look pleasant, you probably won’t want it to draw attention when entering the room. Therefore, wall-mounted solutions and Japanese-Styled Toilets are often preferred for injecting that sense of luxury, especially when the cistern can be hidden from view.



Building a home spa bathroom often plays on the fact that you have more space available than the average home. Making a statement with the choice of basin is a great way to set your new renovation apart from a ‘normal’ bathroom. When done well, it can make a world of difference to the aesthetic as well as the practicality.

A wide Duravit Vero Washbasin 100mm is one example, although you may also want to consider a double basin. Whether it’s used to match the toilet and bathtub or made from a stone material to integrate with the wall and floor materials, the luxury feel will be assured.



As soon as you start the process of learning how to design a bathroom remodel, the shower facilities will instantly enter your mindset. A Cube Sliding Corner Enclosure shows that you can achieve a contemporary look that enhances the overall sense of relaxation without detracting from other features. However, there are a range of cubicle and walk-in wet room styles that can create the luxurious atmosphere.

An alternative design tweak is to use multiple levels. Stepping up or down into the shower brings a unique characteristic not seen in your standard bathroom. This is an idea that can work well for the bath with a sunken bathtub too.



When thinking about what you should know about designing a bathroom, the additional furniture pieces will often get overlooked. Depending on the exact home spa bathroom aesthetic, there are various furniture pieces that may enter your plans. Mirror cabinets, vanities, and freestanding tables or display cabinets can be used. However, some of those items are only suited to a traditional and classic style. 

Another feature to consider is the installation of a waterproof TV, which allows you to watch your favourite show in the most relaxed manner possible.



The bathroom walls should tell a story when opting for an at-home spa appeal. Rossi tiles are an exceptional solution that create a crisp, clean attraction. While tiles aren’t a necessity, especially if you have stone walls or living walls, they can work exceptionally well as a feature wall. On a side note, they can offer easy cleaning and maintenance.


Steam Shower

When looking for home spa bathroom ideas that help your property do more than you’d expect for the average house, a steam shower with touch capabilities is the answer. This is a personalised level of luxury that probably outperforms anything you’ve experienced at the local spa. Daily relaxation can subsequently transport you to a whole new world of calmness and tranquillity. 

A steam shower or a sauna unit can actively aid your health and appearance too. When building a spa bathroom at home, this is one feature that will make your home the envy of your neighbours.


Designing the layout of your home spa bathroom

What you should know about designing a bathroom spa is that the layout counts for a lot. Even when you take inspiration from the world’s most expensive spa bathrooms, you’ll notice that layout choices are crucial. Size certainly matters, but how you use it can truly take your home spa bathroom to luxury status. Focus on the three features below and you won’t go far wrong:


Best layout for optimal feng shui

Creating a sense of harmony in the luxury bathroom through the right choice of fixtures and home spa accessories is an essential part of a winning transformation. Optimising the available space in this way can include creating geometric shapes, facing fittings towards a focal point, or ensuring that even spaces are created.

Once again, the use of multiple floor levels through the use of steps can work wonders. Sectioning the at home spa in this way may also open the door to introducing carpets and creating contrasts of materials for even greater impacts. 



Effective lighting plays a crucial role in the aesthetic appeal of any room, and the at home spa isn’t any different. A combination of natural and artificial lighting should be used to create an inviting, calming, and luxurious atmosphere without losing your sense of privacy. Dressing the windows correctly should be at the top of the agenda while window films or screens can be used to protect your privacy.

The use of Trimless Downlights alongside spotlights incorporated into storage units, vanities, and wall mirrors can deliver a particularly impressive appeal. However, plenty of freestanding and wall-mounted lamps can bring a traditional flavour to the home spa layout.


Home spa bathrooms


Matching features

Consistency is king when building your home bathroom spa. From the wall and flooring choices to furniture or home spa accessories, you must look to match the features. Combining stone walls and showers with glamorous vanities and bold coloured towels can make the whole room look disjointed. Conversely, when it looks like every decision has been made in conjunction with other assets, the rewards will show.


Details and accessories

When visiting a spa, it’s the little details that put your mind at optimal ease. Therefore, choosing the right home bathroom spa accessories can be considered an integral feature of the luxury bathroom makeover.



The home bathroom spa should deliver a relaxed experience that hits all of your senses. Diffusers are a great option. Some of the most popular fragrances include lavender, ocean fresh, rose petal, and jasmine. The key is to ensure that the scents fit the aesthetic.



Candles can be used to support those general scents and can significantly enhance bathing experiences or bathroom rituals. However, scented candles aren’t the only option. A clear glass candle holder, perhaps with subtle nature-inspired design features, will work well.


Luxurious shower head, bath shower mixer/shower kit

A classic overhead shower head, like the John Pawson Ceiling-Mounted Rain Shower, can transform daily experiences. Even when you have a separate bath and shower unit, a bath shower mixer can be useful, even if it’s only to wash your hair when in the bath. The versatility can bring a luxury feel.


Bespoke and eye-catching mirror

Mirrors can make a large bathroom look even bigger and brighter to truly build the desired at home spa feel. A Glow LED Demisting mirror is particularly useful as it removes the inconvenience of having to wipe it frequently. The clarity promotes a luxury aesthetic when first stepping inside too.


Bathroom plants


Home spa bathroom plants

Bathroom plants can include a mixture of living and synthetic plants. Whether it’s hanging baskets, a small potted plant in the corner or items placed on alcove shelving is up to you. However, you must be sure to research the suitability of any intended addition to the room.


Luxury items

By this point, your vision for the perfect home spa bathroom should include answers to questions like what items you need for a home spa or how to maximise the available space in your at home spa. Still, putting the final touches in place will ensure that you fall in love with this part of your property time and time again.


Bath tray

A bath tray is a simple addition that can take bath time to heaven. You can use it to rest a drink, a book, or even the remote for your waterproof TV. Whether opting for a luxurious wood unit or another material, the personalisation options should maximise your joy to get more out of the daily retreat.


Luxurious soaps, salts, etc.

Finally, your home spa bathroom is more than big enough to store a wide range of products that can improve showers and relaxed moments in the tub. Luxury soaps, bath salts, bath bombs, and similar home spa accessories are readily available. Opt for an array of options while always stocking your favourites to gain the desired results every time.



The bathroom is commonly considered the most important room in our daily lives, the love felt towards this part of the home is even greater in the current climate as we are extra conscious of our hygiene routines and can benefit greatly from the chance to lock ourselves away for a few minutes of alone time. A home spa bathroom undoubtedly takes those chilled atmospheres to a whole new level while simultaneously boosting the aesthetic and functional attributes in style.

Now that you know how to design a bathroom layout to create the spa-like luxury, what’s stopping you from making that dream a reality? Take the first steps by calling C.P. Hart today.

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